Friday’s Guardian


Hello Angel Friends.

Since today is Friday, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the Guardian of those born on a Friday. So, if that is you, Archangel Haniel watches over you.

Haniel can help in all situations of the heart including loving and expressing love toward yourself in the form of self-appreciation. Are you someone who easily shows compassion toward others but tends to be critical of yourself? Is it easier to give love than receive love or equally difficult to both give and receive? Do you lack self-esteem and find it hard to express joy? Whatever the reasons may be, Haniel is here to guide and teach you how to open your heart to love, and to appreciate all your unique qualities. Call upon her for help in all matters pertaining to love, your self-image, or self-confidence and she will lovingly assist you in making the necessary changes that will allow you to live a happy, joyful life.

If you were not born on a Friday, Haniel can also help you in all areas noted above. But if you are a Friday-born child, your connection with Haniel will be much stronger. Don’t worry though, you have you’re own Guardian, so stay tuned!

One other thing I wanted to mention. Throughout my posts you’ll notice I use a “he” or “she” when refering to the angels. However angels have no gender, so don’t get caught up in it and rather just refer to the angels in the way that you feel comfortable.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.




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