Wednesday’s Guardian


Hello Angel Friends.

Archangel Michael is your guardian if you were born on a Wednesday. Michael is the angel of strength and protection and can help you any time you are in need. Are you entering a situation where you find yourself uncomfortable or concerned for your safety? Do you have a job that requires a tremendous amount of strength, or are you a protector yourself, such as one dedicated to law enforcement or fighting fires? Call upon Michael to be with you and he will guide you through difficult days and situations.

Angels will not interfere with our free will and must be invited into our lives for us to receive their help and guidance. This is why it’s important to call to the angels to be with you. Archangel Michael is the only exception. Michael will come to assist you even if you don’t call to him provided it is not your time to have the experience. For example, have you ever heard of someone being in a car accident where a stranger appeared, helped them out of the car, and before the stranger could be thanked, they had disappeared? That stranger was Archangel Michael. He didn’t need to be called to, he showed up at the scene to help the person out of the car because it was not their time to have the experience. However, the person may have played an important role in an experience a police officer or paramedic (for example) needed in their life at that moment in time. We don’t see the big picture. But the Angels do.

So call upon Archangel Michael when you need strength and/or protection. Know that he will always be there for you. He will always show up!

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

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