Super Blue Blood Moon

Hello Angel Friends. Gabriel is the ruler of the moon and an exciting and rare lunar phenomenon is about to happen this Wednesday, January 31st. It’s called the “Super Blue Blood Moon.” You may have heard the buzz, but do you know what it means? I’ll break it down. A Super Blue Blood Moon happensContinue reading “Super Blue Blood Moon”

Dreams and Clairvoyance

Hello Angel Friends. Sometimes angel messages come to us through our dreams. This is actually a form of Clairvoyance, or “clear seeing.” Clairvoyance is not just seeing through our physical eyes, but includes seeing through our third eye chakra, often referred to as our “inner sight” and through our dream state. Keep a journal byContinue reading “Dreams and Clairvoyance”

Angels for Peace and Tranquility

Hello Angel Friends. Blessings for Peace and Tranquility are Sent to You from the Hearts of the Angels. I feel this is an important blessing to bring you because many are so busy, with lives so scheduled, there seems to be little time for enjoying moments of peaceful relaxation. When is the last time youContinue reading “Angels for Peace and Tranquility”

Archangel Michael

Hello Angel Friends. Many of you might already know that Archangel Michael is the angel of strength and protection, but did you know that he is also the angel of absolute truth, both personal and spiritual? Michael is associated with the third-eye chakra and can help you “see” your truth even if it’s hiding behindContinue reading “Archangel Michael”

Blessings: Your Angel Language

Hello Angel Friends. The angels want you to know they are always surrounding you with their love. You may notice their presence in many ways such as through sound, sight or light. The angels hope you will embrace all opportunities to feel close to them. This will make them happy and in return, you willContinue reading “Blessings: Your Angel Language”