Predomindant Thought Reality


Hello Angel Friends.

Infinite Possibilities! Wow, imagine life where possibilities are unlimited! Where what you think about, what you want so much in life, is projected out into the ethers, residing in your energy field just waiting to become part of your life. Now imagine that each time you think this thought, the manifestation process takes it a step closer toward physical form. Imagine that over time you’ve also learned that this “step-down” process happens even faster if while thinking your thought, you also feel what it’s like to have this thought in your reality.  There is proof through our experiences.

For example, have you ever experienced this or something similar? You’re in a grocery store ready to check out, all the checkout lines are long, and you’re in a rush. You look around to see which might be quickest and you pick one. As you get on line you think to yourself in an agitated way, “watch this end up being the slow line. I always pick the slowest one.” And then sure enough, just when you’re next in line, the customer ahead of you needs a price check and while you impatiently continue to stack your groceries on the checkout counter, you express an annoyed little “huff” under your breath and say to yourself, “see, it always happens to me – slow line again,” confirming your predominent thought reality.

On the other hand, have you ever experienced it this way? You’re in a grocery store ready to check out and notice all the lines are long and because you’re in  a rush you quickly scan to see which line appears to be moving quickest. You notice a bagging clerk on one of the lines so you choose that one and as you do you take a deep breath and calmly think to yourself, “It’s ok, even though I’m in a rush, I’ll have plenty of time to get to my destination. I’m never late for appointments.” Now the customer ahead of you also needs a price check, but the clerk bagging groceries got right to it and retrieved the price before you were finished placing your groceries on the checkout counter. As you are leaving the store you look at your watch and with a little smile you say to yourself, “see, right on time, it always works for me,” confirming your predominent thought reality.

I provide these two examples to illustrate the power of thought and how the “step-down” process manifests our predominant thoughts, especially those attached to our feelings. There is no discerning right or wrong, positive or negative, good or bad outcomes when it comes to manifesting our reality. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you’re right.” I love this saying and I find it to be so true. By the way, I’ve been in both those grocery situations. Guess which one I choose to manifest now? 🙂

If you are one who struggles to maintain positive thoughts in your life, try calling to the angels for help. They will be happy to assist you in finding ways to fill your life with positive thoughts. As a result you will find that Everything is Possible.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

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