Affirmation for Angel Love


Hello Angel Friends.

Here are a few Angel Affirmations to help you receive Angel Love. You may want to write them down and carry them with you so you can say them anywhere and anytime you’re in need. Or, you may choose the one you most resonate with and use this as your go-to affirmation.

Each one of these one liners are simple, yet hold a to direct connection to the angels. The angels ask that you use them in sincerity, and know that they are immediately by your side.

You may begin by taking 3 long deep breaths to relax and calm yourself and then recite the affirmation. Or  you may wish to try saying the affirmation as you Inhale (bringing the feeling of the words into your body); Hold for a moment, then Exhale as your body relaxes. Either way, for best results, say the affirmation 3 times and then thank the angels.

Angel Affirmations:

  • I open my heart to receive love from the angels.
  • I breathe in love from the angels, I breathe out all fear and tension.
  • I feel love from the angels surrounding and comforting me.
  • I am an expanded being of angelic love.


In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

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