Angel Healing Tree: Broken Heart


Hello Angel Friends.

There are so many people who need help in one aspect of their life or another. The angels are always available to help, but they need to be invited into our lives because they will not interfere with our free-will. Inviting the angels into your life doesn’t have to be complicated. In time of need, the angels will come by simply calling to them, such as “angels please help me, my heart is breaking.”  However, some people prefer to be more specific with their request and that is fine too. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to commune with the Angels.

I’ve set up the “Ask the Angels Healing Tree” with the intention of taking some pressure off those who want to ask for help but have a hard time coming up with the words. I’ll be posting this tree periodically with angel requests that I receive from you. You may send your request to me through contacts on this site or by emailing me directly at Be assured that the angels find no request too large or too small.

For those who send me angel requests, I will add your request to my thoughts and prayers while personally communing with the angels.

Today’s first Ask the Angels Healing Tree Invocation is for Broken Hearts. To ask the angels for help quiet your mind, take a couple of deep breaths, read these words below and then be still for a few moments. Know that once you’ve summoned the angels for help, you are connected and they are “on the job.” You may repeat these words or any part of them as needed. Your healing time of course will depend upon your individual process and growth path.

To the Angels, From all the Broken Hearts everywhere:

 I ask the angels to be with me now to help

Heal My Broken Heart.

Please surround me with your love, light and

comforting support as you give me

strength to face each new day, knowing

that I’m not alone.

And when I’m ready, please help me see

the growth opportunity this experience provides,

then give me  courage to step forward on my path

with undoubted confidence and pride.

I thank the angels with all my heart.

And so it is.

In Love, Light, and Angel Sparkles.

2 thoughts on “Angel Healing Tree: Broken Heart

  1. This is exactly what was needed. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome, Rachel. Timing seemed to be perfect. The Angels knew of course! ❤💙💚💛


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