Angels Always Watching


Hello Angel Friends.

The angels are always watching over you. Never lose faith in their love, especially when you’re faced with difficult situations. I know there may be times when you might wonder why the angels aren’t protecting you from a particular situation. There were times in my life when I wondered the same. This is what I’ve come to learn.

The angels always work on behalf of our “highest good.” Sometimes there are lessons we need to learn through difficult or uncomfortable situations. The process of dealing with these situtions ultimately plays a role in advancing us along the path of our life’s journey. The angels know that the help or guidance we receive from them, although not necessarily what we have hoped for, is for our highest good, and is part of our growth opportunity experience. Of course, we can always exercise our free-will choice.

Know that the angels are always watching over, comforting and protecting you.

From my own experience, I can say that it does help to learn how to recognize the highest good opportunity within each situation. You need to look at the situation from a neutral point of view (not always easy). But, at those moments of being witness to your own pathway of growth, the lessons seem to make sense. This has ultimately helped me understand the “why” of the difficult situation(s) I needed to experience in life to become the person I am today.

In Love, Light and Angel Sparkles.

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