Angels for Peace and Tranquility

Engel träumt vor Wolkenherz am Wasser

Hello Angel Friends.

Blessings for Peace and Tranquility are Sent to You from the Hearts of the Angels.

I feel this is an important blessing to bring you because many are so busy, with lives so scheduled, there seems to be little time for enjoying moments of peaceful relaxation. When is the last time you sat still and read a book, meditated, took a walk in the park, did yoga, Tai Chi, or had a cup of tea with family or friends? When is the last time you did something for yourself that brought you into a peaceful state of being?

Angels bring the blessings into your awareness, but it’s up to you to take time to notice. How do you notice? Do you feel the angels? Can you sense the angels? Sometimes the angels show themselves to me through cloud formations in the sky. I stop, I notice, I breath in the love, and then I go about my busy day, only now I’m a little more centered, a little more peaceful. Do you ever see angels in the clouds?

May angel blessings for peace and tranquility be yours today and on any day that you need a little angel love in your life.

In Love, Light and Angel Sparkles.

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