Open Your Heart to Love


Hello Angel Friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day! For those sharing this day with a loved one, the angels send their heart-felt blessings to you. They also hope you take some time out of your day to reflect on these blessings by showing appreciation toward your loved one. The angels also want you to not to take for granted this relationship and ask that you remember to show your gratefulness throughout the year without the prompting of a “special” day. This will keep your heart open to the special love you share.

The angels also know that this Day’s celebration is not easy and for some as it brings up difficult emotions from either broken heart experiences of long ago, recent, or even of unknown timeframe or origin (likely karmic). For those having difficulty on this day, the angels want you to know that you are loved by them and that you are never alone. For those finding the day emotionally challenging, call upon Archangel Haniel, the angel of love and compassion. Allow Haniel to comfort you as she opens your heart to fill it with angelic love.

In Love, Light and Angel Sparkles,


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