Take Time to Play


Hello Angel Friends.

Today, the message the angels want you to have is to “have some fun.” The angels want you to recapture that feeling you had as a child when all you did was play all day. Of course, most of us won’t be able to play all day, but try to carve out a portion of the day to do something fun. If you have no one to “play” with, try playing with the angels.

One way I play with the angels is by using the pendulum. Try this or make up your own games.

To Prepare:

  • Draw a circle on a piece of paper and then divide it into 8 equal pie-shaped sections. In each section write the name of one Sacred Seven Angel. In the 8th section write your birth guardian’s name, making your guardian angel occupy 2 sections of the pie. It doesn’t matter in what order you place the names, Gabriel, Camael, Michael, Zadkiel, Haniel, Cassiel, Raphael, Camael (my birth guardian).
  • Before you begin you’ll need to determine what your “yes,” your “no,” and your “it’s not  time to know” answers are from the angels.
    • To do this, sit at a table and hold the pendulum in your dominant hand with your elbow resting on the table. Starting with the pendulum being still, call the angels to be with you (or call a specific angel such as your guardian) and ask them to help you determine the direction of your answers.
    • Next, ask yourself a “yes” question such as, “Is my name Pam?” Be still, wait, and notice which direction the pendulum is moving in response to your “Yes” question.
    • Then, ask yourself a “No” question – such as “Do I live in California?” (when I live in New York). See what direction the pendulum swings.
    • Finally, ask the angels to tell you which direction the pendulum will swing when it’s not time for me to know, and see how the pendulum moves. (My yes is a clockwise motion; my no is counter-clockwise; and my not time to know is a straight line up the middle.) Once you have your directions, you’re ready to start playing!

To Start:

  • Think of a yes or no question.
  • Place the point of the pendulum in the center of the circle and say:
    1. “I have a question to ask the angels, which angel will help me find the answer?” Then call one of the angels in the circle by name – for example, “ Will it be Michael? Hold still and see how your pendulum swings.
    2. If it’s a no, continue on to the next angel and keep going, one at a time until you receive a Yes.
  • Once you have a yes, pose your original question to that specific angel and wait for the pendulum to give you a yes, no, or not now response.
    1. For example: I received no to the angels Michael, Zadkiel, Gabriel, but a Yes to Cassiel. So, I asked Cassiel my question: Will I be spending next Saturday evening alone? The answer was Yes. ☹ But then I asked Cassiel “is there something I can do to change that? The answer was Yes 😊. I proceeded to ask questions such as “Should I do this or that – or would it help if I did such and such, etc. – I kept asking questions until I was clear on my message which ended up being a plan of action for not spending Saturday evening alone.
  • Your question doesn’t have to be complicated – it could be something like “should I make spaghetti for dinner tonight? No? Roast Beef? No? A healthy salad? Yes! – Or even as simple as which angel will be with me today – go around until you get a Yes – or maybe you’ll get more than one Yes!

The idea is to have fun with it – play with the angels.  It doesn’t have to be serious – as a matter of fact, it should be fun – the topic of this post – Take Time to Play!  If you don’t have a pendulum, you can use a necklace, or even putting a ring on a chain will work well too.

Make a play date today!

In Love, Light and Angel Sparkles,


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