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Hello Angel Friends.

Thoughts are active vibrations within and around our energy field. What we think is what we vibrate. What we vibrate is what we create. It’s a step down process that gains strength and comes closer toward manifestation with each moment of attention we give to the thought . Holding onto your fears perpetuates the negative vibration that fear emits bringing the experience of what you fear closer toward manifesting into part of your life experience.

The angels want me to share with you a little trick they brought to my attention many years ago. It’s simple, yet so effective. Whenever you have a negative thought, say out loud and firmly: “CANCEL CANCEL” and then think of something that makes you happy.

By saying Cancel Cancel, you are cutting the energetic vibration of the negative thought so that it is no longer part of your energy field and therefore can’t manifest. Thinking of something that makes you happy immediately after, brings your attention (and your energy field) into alignment with something positive.

Do this as often as you need, including repeating it for the same negative thought if it is one that is persistent (as with a core belief). Eventually that core belief will be replaced with a positive one. This really really works!!! Try it and you’ll see.

In Love, Light and Angel Sparkles,


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