Angel Healing Tree: finding patience


Hello Angel Friends.

Today’s Angel Healing Tree Invocation is for Finding Patience Within Oneself. To ask the angels for help quiet your mind, take a couple of deep breaths, read these words and then be still for a few moments. Know that once you’ve summoned the angels for help, are connected and they are “on the job.” You may repeat these words or any part of them as needed. Your healing time of course will depend upon your individual process and growth path.

To the Angels, From all who experience Unrealistic Self-Imposed Impatience .

 I ask the angels to be with me to help

heal from the unrealistic expectations I place upon myself.

Please surround me with your love, light and

comforting support and help me realize and accept that  

I don’t need to know it, do it, or be it all today.

Help me know that all I wish to accomplish

will be achieved in accordance with my Highest Good

and under Divine Guidance.

Please help me replace impatience with love and self-compassion, and

provide me the growth opportunity presented through this experience.

And so I accept this now, as part of me.

In Love, Light, and Angel Sparkles,


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