Believe in Yourself


Hello Angel Friends.

Today’s message is about believing in ourselves. How hard or easy is it for you to believe in yourself? Do you feel deserving and worthy of good things coming into your life? Or are you one that often says that good things never happen to you? Either way, you’re right. I’ve spoken about this before – the power of the mind. We create our reality by the thoughts we think. If we think those thoughts long and consistently enough, those thoughts become beliefs. If we continue to believe that something is true, we attract into our lives the people, places, and things that make it so – confirming those beliefs – which in turn again attracts more people, places, and things confirming our beliefs, and the cycle continues. If what you believe is what you want in your life, perfect, you’ve mastered the Law of Attraction. But if your belief system is not in line with what you want, it helps to change your thoughts, which in time will change your beliefs, and should result in bringing the people, places and things into your life according to your new beliefs.

Ok, sounds easier said than done – and believe me, I speak from experience, it is easier said… You see, depending on how long you’ve had the “old” belief system in place,  and depending on how deeply you feel those beliefs are true, will determine how much effort you’ll need to put into changing your thoughts around the particular subject of belief. Now some of these patterns were instilled when we were children by teachers, parents, and other “role models” of that time. Some of these belief systems are so deeply embedded within our psyche and energy fields that they are burried deep within our subconscious mind. So how do we begin the process of changing unwanted thoughts…such as “I’m stupid; I’m not worthy; I can’t do anything right; nothing good comes into my life; I never finish anything I start; I don’t deserve to be happy; bad things always happen to me,” etc. etc? (Any of these sound familiar?)

To change a belief you must first change the thoughts surrounding that belief. To get you started, I’ve listed some new thoughts that you can say every day. Pick the ones you relate to, or create your own. What’s important here is that you develop a new way of thinking about yourself. Take a deep breath – inhale and exhale and then say the affirmation. Do this 3 times, and do it as often during the day as you can.  Even if you don’t “believe” what you’re saying, keep saying it until you start to feel differently. As time goes on, you’ll begin to reprogram your thoughts and eventually these new thoughts will become your new beliefs.  It likely won’t happen over night, but don’t be impatient with yourself. Remember, it took years to develop negative self-talk, so give yourself time to replace it with postive talk.  Here are some ideas:

  • I am a smart, intelligent person.
  • I am worthy of all good things in life, and all good things come to me easily.
  • If faced with difficult tasks, I figure out each step needed along the way and I always succeed.
  • I am blessed and grateful for all the abundance in my life.
  • I always complete what I start because I am good at prioritizing my tasks into manageable steps and I am proud of my success.
  • I am deserving of great happiness in my life and am appreciative of all good that comes my way.
  • All situations that arise have lessons for my highest good. I no longer need to learn the hard way and I now learn from joyful experiences.

Know that the Angels are always there for you, waiting and willing to help you in any situation – so ask them to help you change any negative thought patterns that have turned into beliefs. Keep the above keywords  in your thoughts.

In Love, Light and Angel Sparkles,


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