Embrace the Unknown


Hello Angel Friends,

Embracing the unknown may seem scary to you, but if we didn’t move forward from unknown to known, where would we be – maybe still crawling around on the floor! Think about it –  Did you know at the time how to take your first step or did you just go for it? You went for it and excitedly embraced the unknown – nothing could stop you – you were determined to succeed – and you did!

We have many moments of unknowns, and in so many cases, it doesn’t stop us from the experience. You didn’t know what your first day of school was going to be like, or what you were going to experience in college, if you were going to enjoy that first date with the new boy (or girl), or how that new job was going to work out for you. Life is full of unknowingness and as you can see, you’re already an expert having already  experienced countless unknowns.

So, instead of worrying “what if this happens,” or “what if that happens,” embrace the unknown and give yourself credit for all you have previously accomplished – that once was in the field of the unknown.

If you have trouble with this, call to the angels for guidance, as they will surely help you to remember.

In Love, Light, and Angel Sparkles.


2 thoughts on “Embrace the Unknown

  1. Elizabeth Jones March 9, 2018 — 2:23 pm

    Never say I CAN’T, always say I’all try.


    1. That’s right Elizabeth, never say I can’t. You don’t want to put that energy out there. Here’s a saying I always like saying…it goes: “If you think you CAN or you think you CAN’T, either way you’re right.”
      Have a wonderful day…and stay always in love, light and angels sparkles.


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