Many Paths


Hello Angel Friends,

There are many paths along the road of life that can lead to the same place. Many years ago I decided that I would choose my path according to how it made others feel. While it was easier for me not to hurt others, I eventually figured out that it was important for me to set boundaries with some people.  It was a lesson that took me quite a while to learn because it was all about the “self” – without being “selfish.” Now I pass on to you some of what helped me on my path.

Many paths lead to the same place, so today I choose the path:

…of love, including self-love,

…of forgiveness, including self-forgiveness,

…of appreciation, including self-appreciation,

…of abundance, including recognition of the abundance in my life.

Today, I choose to be happy and take pleasure sharing my path of happiness with others.

It’s not always easy to walk the path that makes you truly happy. Often boundaries need to be set and balancing between taking care of yourself and others need to be established. However, once your own needs are met, you are then strong enough to help others in need without sacraficing your own well-being. It’s a beautiful thing!

If you have trouble with this, call to the angels for help. They will surely lead you in the right direction.

In Love, Light and Angel Sparkles,


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