Archangel Cassiel


Dear Angel Friends,

Archangel Cassiel, ruler of Saturdays and guardian to those born on Saturday, is also ruler of the planet Saturn. Cassiel bring balance into your life. If you are stressed, he can help you find and integrate a sense of peace and tranquility into your life. But his work with balance is not only associated with emotional balance. Cassiel can also help you with the completion of tasks through balance.

Did you know that Cassiel can help you fasciliate a plan into action for accomplishing a desired goal? He helps you focus on your vision by guiding you to methodically plan out your action steps; then he helps you move into action and perservere until your task is complete. Cassiel does this by helping you remain balanced throughout the process so that you are neither lacking and procrastinating, nor overcompensating to the point of exhaustion, in any of your thoughts or actions.

Call to Cassiel if you need balance in any part of your life be it emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical, know, he will be there for you.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles,




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