Archangel Raphael

rainbow butterfly

Dear Angel Friends,

Ah, Raphael, ruler of Sundays, guardian to those born on a Sunday, and one of my most dearly loved angels! At this point you may know that Raphael is the angel of healing. He is there for you in all matters that need attention whether it’s emotional, spiritual, or physical healing, he is the one to call upon.

If you’re learning about the angels, especially the Sacred Seven, these angels that govern the seven days of the week, you’ll notice that they each have a “specialty,” some even overlap. But between them, they cover just about anything in your life that you may need help with: from acquiring more self-confidence, to acknowledging your many abundances, to help with completing tasks and bringing your heart’s desires to fruition, etc. etc. In each case, there is usually some kind of “healing” (a lot or a little) that needs to take place either emotionally, spiritually, or physically, for you to succeed.  So here’s a little tip!

When working with any of the Sacred Seven on any of your concerns, always call Archangel Raphael into the process. This will give added support to the healing that needs to take place so that you can accomplish your goals.

Know that Raphael is here to listen, to guide, and above all, to love you.

In Love, Light, and Angel Sparkles,




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