Affirmation of Support


Hello Angel Friends.

Here is a simple affirmation that can set your whole day up for living in a positive energy to flow.

Have you lately been hearing the word flow when referring to energy? It’s the new buzz word and for good reason. It’s become scientifically proven that everything is made up of energy, and energy being fluid – flows! Chi, our life force energy, is no different. The more our Chi is in balance internally, the more this flow of positive energy is reflected in our external environment.

There are several ways to increase your positive energy flow including but not limited to: meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, dancing, singing, painting, and expressing gratefulness in a genuine, authentic way.

Today’s affirmation is an example of expressing gratefulness to the angels for their presence in your life. Saying this or a similar daily affirmation will most certainly put you on the path for positive energy flow.

Have a gloriously flowing day!

In Love and Light,


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