Show Your Beauty


Hello Angel Friends.

The angels guided me to this image to illustrate that sometimes you just need to push through the obstacles in your life in order to show your beauty. What are the obstacles standing in your way of expressing the beauty of who you are?

Like the crocus gently making its way through the snow – when it’s time to stand up, they let their presence be known – and they inevitably display their beauty; so is the time for you to push through any obstacles in your life – allowing  the expression of your individual beauty to blossom. Give some thought to what obstacles stand in your way and ask the angels to help you make positive change so that your beauty can shine through.

Now, because I live in the northeast where even in April we’re still getting snow  – I thought that the angels might also be making a joke by having me choose this image (I’ve known the angels to be playful at times). But now I realize there are two messages here. So, if the above doesn’t resonate with you, it’s possible the angels want you to realize that we can’t control the elements (or other people’s words and actions). So we must find a way to be happy with what we have, and where we’re at –  or take action and create the change you desire.

Ok, angels sounds good, but I still want spring!!! Their response – “Then move down south!” Ha! Ha! Ha! angels, very funny.

Anyway, I wish for you that your beauty glows brightly now and forever.

In Love and Light,


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