Hello Angel Friends,

Have you ever heard the saying “charity begins at home?” As a former fundraiser for a community hospital, I’m not sure I always agree with that statement, but I do understand it’s meaning and it’s importance to the family unit. The angels want you to know that the same sentiment is true for forgiveness, and that the “home” being referenced here, is the  “self.”

Forgiveness begins with self. Before you are able to truly and unconditionally forgive another, you must first be able to forgive yourself. Did you play a role in the situation? If so, forgive yourself for the role you played and make necessary amends. Were you a victim with no direct role in the cause of the situation? If so, forgive yourself for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or for thinking it was somehow your fault. Do you get the idea?

Once you can forgive yourself,  you are better able to put in perspective the situation, and then begin to forgive others. Now forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. We learn through our situations. But rather it means releasing the hurt so that you no longer give the situation, or memory of the situation, power over you. Forgiving yourself will do wonders for your happiness and contentment.

One more step if you can – and it’s a difficult one…. Once you have gone through the process of forgiving yourself, then, try to send love from your heart to the heart of the person who wronged you (especially if they are someone you care about). Often, those that hurt others are the most broken themselves. Think of it as giving charity beyond the home.

P.S. I speak from personal experience – I know this works!

In Love and Light,



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