Share Joy with the Angels

Beautiful angel in heaven

Hello Angel Friends,

The angels want you to know that they are here for you in all times, not just in times of need. While of course they want you to call to them when you are sad or in need of assistance or guidance, they also love when you to share with them your joy and happy moments in life. The angels illuminate your path in all directions and are pleased when you open to and follow their light.

So when your road leads to good things in life, let the angels know. When the path you follow provides opportunities for expanding your horizons, tell the angels of your newly found dreams. When your journey takes a positive turn, and you can see your way toward happiness much easier now, tell the angels how excited you are to see in this new light.

Share your happiness with the angels – this is one way they know that you appreciate the Love and Light they shine down upon you.  It’s a way of showing your gratefulness.

And of course, the angels are always there to help in times of need.

In Love and Light,






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