Rule of Three

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Hello Angel Friends,

Have you ever heard the expression “Rule of Three” or that things come in threes? Well, in addition to representing form – from creation, to activation, to manifestation, words put together in combination of threes also seem to be easier to remember. Do you recall when you were a child learning what to do before you crossed the street? You were probably taught to “Stop, Look, and Listen.”  How about learning about fire safety – “Stop, Drop, and Roll?”  Well, here are three words I put together to help you remember what to do when communicating with the angels. “Invite,  Ask , and Thank.”

The angels are always here for us but must be invited into our lives because of the free will factor associated with us humans. All you have to do is call to your angels by name or generically, and they know it’s your free will making the call.

The angels want to know what you need help with. Asking them with clarity helps define your request, but if you don’t have that clarity, you can just say, angel, please help me now.  The angels will know what to do.

The angels always like to be thanked. This lets them know you appreciate their help. Like anyone helping another, it always feels good to be appreciated. So make sure you thank the angels.

So always remember this Rule of Three when working with the angels:

INVITE   —   ASK   —   THANK

In Love and Light,




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