A Walk in Nature With the Angels

forest river with stones on shores at sunset

Hello Angel Friends,

Angels make their presence known to us in many different ways. The angels are particularly fond of nature and often come to us through the elements – the earth, the air (and its wind), the water, and light (the sun’s fire). When you are in natural settings, surrounded by the wonders of nature, you are likely to be more sensitive to angelic energy. When in nature try these simple methods to connect to the angels.

  • Walk barefoot along the ground to connect with the earth element and earth angels. Notice the trees, the grasses and all the different plants along your way.
  • Stand facing the wind and with your eyes closed and allow the air to caress your body. Notice how it feels – is it a gentle breeze or hefty wind? Connect with the air element and the air angels will be with you too.
  • Find a stream or pond in the woods – take off your shoes, roll up your pants, then step in. Walk around barefoot in the stream, or just stand still – this will connect you with the water element and the associated water angels.
  • Look for an opening in the trees where the sun is shining through. Stand with feet spread apart and arms stretched upward in a V. Close your eyes then tilt your head back with face up toward the sky. Take long deep breaths as you feel the warmth of the fire element upon you and know you are connecting to the fire angels.

Did you ever do any of these things as a child? I did – children are so wise!  Anyway, enjoy your connections with nature and all the angels that surround you there.

In Love and Light,




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