The Soul Called YOU


Dear Angel Friends,

Sometimes we’re hard on ourselves. We judge our actions, criticize our looks, dismiss our accomplishments, and on and on we go, sometimes even feeling so sorry for ourselves that we throw ourselves into depression. Does this sound like you? I hope not, but if it does, even just some of the time, the angels want you to keep this is mind:

They want you to realized that you are a strong person. Look back at some of the situations you’ve been in and acknowledge the strength, physically, emotionally, or spiritually that it took for you to make it through – and you did! Realize that each situation has contributed to your growth as a person, and as a soul.  The angels want you to know that you ARE STRONG.

The angels want you to know that you are WORTHY of all the love and joy there is to have in this world. Being worthy is part of your belief system. If you believe you are worthy, you live with appreciating all that comes your way, but if you believe you are not worthy, you live life never feeling like you deserve. The angels want you to know you were BORN WORTHY, and if you don’t feel so, you can undo any belief system by simply choosing to believe differently.  Create your own WORTHY affirmation and repeat often.

The angels want you to know that as they are and emanate, the pure, vibrational energy of unconditional love, so too do you hold that vibration. All you need to do is to know how to access it. You hold this love vibration within your heart and soul. Try accessing it through meditation, or by just closing your eyes, placing your hands over your heart and slowly breathing in and out the word LOVE.  Keep breathing until you feel LOVE as part of you.

The angels want you to, at this moment and as often as possible, BREATHE in and out STRENGTH, BREATHE in and out WORTHINESS, BREATHE in and out LOVE….and by doing so, you will come to know the beautiful soul you call YOU.

In Love and Light, Beautiful Souls!





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