Life from Different Perspectives

white polar owl sitting on a stick in the zoo

Dear Angel Friends,

There is great wisdom in the knowledge gained by looking at life’s situations from different directions. This provides perspectives that otherwise may not have been recognized.

Reality is subjective and based upon each individual’s experiences – as well as their reactions to those experiences. Two people may be in the same place at the same time and experience the exact same situation but their take on the situation, their resulting reality, may be completely different.

Try not to judge another for their reaction to a situation – you never know where their resulting reality originated from. Instead, try looking at the situation from a different perspective – and by doing so, you might learn something, not only about the other person – but about yourself as well.

If you’re having trouble looking at life from an objective viewpoint, ask the angels to help. They are always willing to guide you in the direction that is most beneficial to your growth.

In Love and Light,






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