The Little Things


Hello Angel Friends,

This post is about being grateful for those little things in life that we can easily take for granted. Some obvious blessings we all have to be grateful for are the elements, the earth, air, fire, and water – responsible for all life. How often to we stop for a moment of thanks for these things in our lives that we take for granted – how often do we stop to smell the flowers, gaze at the ocean, breath in the sunlight, feel the warm breeze?  What about family and friends? How often do we take them for granted? How often do we not make time to spend with them? Or how often do we assume their presence in our lives will just go on forever?

The angels are here today to ask you to take time each day to remember the little things in life. To take a few moments out of each day to show gratefulness. By making this a daily practice, you will find your heart overflowing with love. And this makes the angels very happy!

May each day be a blessing.

In Love and Light,



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