Pennies from Heaven

Hello Angel Friends,

Have you ever heard the expression “Pennies from Heaven?” If you’re old enough, or like classic movies, you may recall Bing Crosby starring in the 1936 movie bearing it’s title. Or, you may associate the meaning “Pennies from Heaven” with receiving an unexpected windfall or benefit.

Well, unexpected benefit is right – and windfall – absolutely! Finding pennies or any coins for that matter, regardless of whether they are “heads” or “tails” symbolizes that the angels are near. The angels work hard at finding ways to get us to notice them. One of those ways is helping us to find random coins on the ground. Once you are aware that this is a message from the angels, you’ll be more likely to bring your attention to them when you find a coin.  And when that happens, you’ll be more likely to talk with the angels, telling them of your new plans, or your concerns, or sharing a joyous moment in gratitude for their presence in your life.

I keep a special angel box for all the coins I find. Every once in a while, I open the box and thank the angels for helping me know they are near.

May_7In Love and Light,




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