An Angel Blessing

Christmas angel

Hello Angel Friends,

This angel blessing, “May Love and Light Forever Remain Within Your Heart” is an important blessing and message. Angel energy is of the highest vibrational frequency and this frequency is pure love and light. The angels want you to always remember  to hold their energy close to and within your very own heart. This helps you to remain calm and comforted in times of need, balanced and focused when right action is required of you, or relaxed and serene when rest is needed. By living your life in love and light, you will always know the angels are with you. And if you choose to share your love and light with others, the angels will surely provide you opportunities for living a life of great abundance.

A simple way to bring the angels into your conscious mind is to take your favorite stone,  run it under cold water and place in the sun for at least an hour. Then take your cleansed stone and hold it in your right hand, bring your hand to your heart and cover it with your left hand. Next, close your eyes and ask the angels to bring their love and light energy into the stone that you hold. Hold this position for at least 3 minutes then place your programmed stone in a special place. When you are needing a little extra angel energy, take the stone and hold it in your left hand, bring it to your heart, close your eyes, and feel the love and light from the angels.

In Love and Light,



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