The Decision Tree

Flow Chart TreeHello Angel Friends,

Have you ever had an important decision to make but seem stuck and unable to make up your mind which way to go – which road to take? You “decide” one way, then you second guess yourself and “decide” the other way, but before long, you’re back to your original decision. This goes on and on because you’re worried you’re going to make the wrong decision – after all, you don’t know what you don’t know – and stepping into unchartered territory is frightening. That fear has you stuck somewhere in the middle of both directions, not allowing you to move forward, yet remaining unhappy with where you are.

I asked Archangel Michael for help for those having difficulty making decisions. Michael is not only angel of strength and protection, but also the angel of truth. So I thought he would be the perfect angel to help with one’s personal decision-making truth.  Michael sent me to this Decision Making Tree with the following instructions for helping you make your decision.

  1. Duplicate this tree twice on a sheet of paper (or on 2 pieces of paper). Make sure each tree has all the shapes that are included: 4 circles; 9 squares; 3 rectangles, and 7 diamonds = 23 shapes in all.
  2. Call to Michael and ask him to be with you and help you to fill out the decision making trees. (Some examples might be to take a new job or keep your current one; to move or not to move; or stay in a relationship or not). Write down your decision (such as to change jobs) on one tree and the other decision (to stay in your current job) on the other tree.
  3. Start with one tree (ie to change jobs) and fill in the shapes with one or two words as the symbolism relates to that decision. Try to be objective and ask Michael for help with this if you’re finding it difficult. You don’t need to fill in every single shape, but be as complete as possible.  If you need to add shapes, feel free to do that as well – as long as you are relating them to the following:
    • Circles symbolize no change – or what is keeping you going around in “circles” bringing you right back to where you started
    • Squares symbolize being boxed in – what is keeping you stuck and continually running into blocks no matter which way you turn
    • Rectangles symbolize expanded horizons – or what is possible if you stretch that box
    • Diamonds symbolize the jewels in your life – what you have and don’t realize, or what you can have if you take action
  4. Next do the same thing with the other decision (ie to stay in current job).
  5. Once complete, compare the trees. This will help you clearly see your personal truth regarding your decision. Assess the situation by determining which tree holds more Diamonds and Rectangles verses which tree holds more Circles and Squares? It should be clear that the decision (one way or the other) is weighted toward more diamonds and rectangles. This should give you your answer, but if you still need help, ask Michael to guide you toward seeing what you need to see for coming to a conclusion on your decision.
  6. Once your decision is clear, allow yourself to accept it. From this point, look forward in the direction of your decision and have faith that you were guided by Archangel Michael. Be comforted by Michael’s guidance and know that he is not only helping you to see your personal truth, but is also there to help keep you strong and protected – no matter what you decide.

In Love and Light,






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