Dear Angel Friends,

Who do you see when you look into a mirror? What is reflected back through the eyes of your image? Do you see the glow of happiness surrounding you – an image that sings out – “Look at me! I’m here! I’m happy! I’m full of Life and I want to share my happiness”?

Whether or not this is the reflection you see for yourself, the angels see you in the image of your perfect self and want you to know that if you need help seeing your true self, they can help.

Call to the angel of love, Archangel Haniel,  for help with self-image concerns. Haniel can help you see your own beauty and can help you to learn to be self-compassionate. An excellent exercise to do for strengthening self-love and self-compassion is to stare into your eyes through the reflection of a mirror and call to Haniel to be with you. While continuing to stare, ask that Haniel help you see your true beauty. Continue to stare until your eyes appear to shine –  if you start to crack a smile (even if just a tiny bit), you’ve begun to rebuild your self-image. Do this every day until you are feeling more confident in yourself on a regular basis, and your reflection wants to sing out!

In Love and Light,




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