Your Life-Movie

Stars Word On Stage Meaning Famous People Like Celebrities Divas And Superstars
Dear Angel Friends,

You are the Star of your movie.  If you’re not pleased with the path your movie has led you down, you can change the direction of the journey because not only are you the Star of your movie, you are also the Creator, the Writer, the Director, Producer, and Audience Witness.

First you must identify what displeases you about the direction your life has taken. The angels can help you with this. Are you unhappy in your relationships? Do you lack financial security? Are you miserable in your current job? Are you trying to overcome an addiction? Whatever your concern is, ask the angels to help you sort it all out.

Once you are able to identify what you don’t want in your life, you are then able to identify what it is you want to bring into your life- such as a happy and loving relationship; financial security; a fulfilling job; or a healthier lifestyle. At this point ask Archangel Gabriel (angel of hopes and dreams, ruler of moon energies) to help you figure out what action steps need to be taken to achieve your new goals.

This will be the beginning of re-writing the script of your movie. This will be the beginning of leading you down a different path, one of your own choosing. Remember, you are the creator, writer, director, producer, witness, and above all, the STAR OF YOUR LIFE-MOVIE! Make your life-story a best-selling movie now! Make it a story about self-fulfilling happiness!

In Love and Light,







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