Angel Highlights


Hello Angel Friends,

Today I thought I would recap some of the information I’ve been posting about – some angel highlights. I hope these brief tidbits are helpful.

What is an Angel?

The word angel refers to the collective group of light-energy beings that hold a higher vibrational frequency than our 5 senses are typically able to interpret. Angels are Divine Beings of Light.

Angels are non-denominational and are our messengers, protectors, healers, and friends.

Angels love everyone unconditionally.

Angels see and focus on our divinity, not on our faults or shortcomings.

Angels can be in all places at one time.

Angels want to help in all areas of our lives and no request is too small or too large.

What are some signs that the Angels are Near?

Feathers found on the ground

Coins found on the ground (heads or tails doesn’t matter)

Waft of fragrance for no apparent reason

Hearing repetitive words or songs with meaning

Seeing rainbows

Seeing cloud formations in the shape of angelic beings

Having a sense that the angels are near.

What are some ways to know Angels are around you?

Feeling tingling  somewhere on the body

Getting Goose bumps

Feeling a warm or cool breeze when the air is still

Having a gut feeling

Hearing your name being called when no one is calling you

Hearing celestial music in your “inner ear”

Seeing a flash of light or sparkles of light

Ways we Receive Angelic Guidance:

We Hear it (Clairaudience)

We See it (Clairvoyance)

We Feel it (Clairsentience)

We Know it (Claircognizance)

Angels need to be invited into your life.

The angels will not help us without having our permission. This is because of our free will.

There is one exception to this and that is Archangel Michael, angel of protection. He will interfere in situations where it is not our time to have the “experience.”

What about Guardian Angels?

Everyone has at least two guardian angels – a birth guardian (one of the Sacred Seven and a Zodiac guardian)

These angels have been with you since birth and remain with you throughout life.

These angels are your primary protectors and guides and are the angels who are most persistent in getting your attention.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this recap of angel tidbits.  Have a wonderfully angelic day!

In Love and Light,








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