Ask the Angels

Angel of Divine Light

Hello Angel Friends,

There may come a time when you feel the need to call upon the angels for help. You might be wondering if there’s a right or wrong way to call to the angels. The angels communicate with us in ways that are easiest for us, so no two people are alike.

If you’re comfortable expressing yourself verbally, SAY your request. If you express yourself better through the written word, WRITE your request. But, if words don’t seem to come easy to you either verbally or through the pen, it’s fine to THINK your request. You may also VISUALIZE your request or even AFFIRM your request. The angels are not concerned with HOW you ask, rather just THAT you ask (because of free will).

Whatever way is most comfortable for you is just fine. The situation may dictate the method of choice at the time, for example, you may be best at writing your requests but in an emergency situation, you may call out verbally or think your request to the angels. Don’t worry, they will get the message – and when they do, they’re immediately on the job.

You may also create your own specialized way of making requests. One of my favorite ways is combining visualization with affirmation. First I visualize the outcome I want, and then I affirm that outcome as if it’s already mine (and I always add my gratitude to the angels for their help during the affirmation). Although I’m affirming something that has not actually materialized in my life yet, this is a very strong method of request. When you create your desired image and hold the vision within your energy field (your thoughts and your feelings), the angels have a clear picture of what it is you desire (there’s no confusion, no ambiguity). They are then able to help bring that image into your reality much quicker (of course only if it’s for your highest good). The stronger your belief in the desire, the faster your request becomes part of your reality.

So, the point I’m trying to make here is that there are many different ways to ask the angels for help – and there is no wrong way! You can say it, think it, write it, visualize it, affirm it, or come up with your own personalized combination. The angels are always glad to help.

In Love and Light,


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