Thoughts of Peace


Hello Angel Friends,

Now more than ever the angels want you to understand that your thoughts emit vibrations, and that like vibrations congregate together forming strength in magnet-like assembly to eventually become its manifested form. Now more than ever the angels want you to know that your thoughts matter.

On an individual basis, thinking a thought over and over again eventually leads to the manifestation of that thought form into your life – whether or not it’s what you want or don’t want. So when I don’t want something in my life, after I’ve identified what I don’t want, I then start thinking of it’s opposite – or what it is I’d rather have in my life. This way, I keep it all on a positive note – and eventually what’s manifested, is what I do want. This is all part of the Law of Attraction. Like Attracts Like – positive vibrations attract other positive vibrations (and the opposite is also true).

We are a Universe based upon The Law of Attraction so, if we can manifest on an individual basis, imagine the power there would be if we contributed to putting out positive thoughts about our world – thoughts such as thinking and therefore vibrating  “world peace” – being part of a positive like-attracts-like process for change.

The angels brought this to my attention and wanted me to share it with you.

In Love and Light,




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