Hummingbirds, Ladybugs, Butterflies

Butterfly Queen of Spain Fritillary - spring landscapeDear Angel Friends,

Never discount a sign from the angels. The angels come to us in many different ways, not just in the typical ways we’ve come to know such as finding coins, feathers, or hearing or seeing repetitions. Have you ever had a butterfly land on your hand, a hummingbird flapping and humming in front of you for an unusual amount of time, a ladybug land on you and travel for miles with you before flying away? These are signs from the angels, and very often they come with messages from our departed loved ones.

If you have such an experience, take a deep breath and observe your thoughts. Who are you thinking of at that very moment or who comes immediately into your mind? Take another deep breath and relax into this thought as you exhale and allow any messages to come to you through your thoughts or feelings.  Respond back – talk to the angels and to your loved ones. Feel comforted and at peace knowing that your loved ones are with the angels. Thank the angels and your loved ones, for coming to you that day. And ask that you be able to recognize them whenever they come to be with you.

In Love and Light,


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