A Memorial Day Remembrance


May_28Dear Angel Friends,

Today we remember the sacrifices that members of our armed forces have made and are making to help defend our way of life. May we extend our gratefulness to those who have served, and may the angels keep safe, those who are currently serving.

A Remembrance to those in my life:

My father, Ralph Cremonese, who served in WWII and in Korea. (As a child I had no clue what you went through, but I understand now how brave you were. Thank You, dad, for Your Service).

My life partner, Kerry Green, who served in Vietnam. (I can’t imagine what it must have been like there, but I’m so grateful the angels brought you home, and now have brought you to me. Thank You, Kerry,  for Your Service.)

My son, Sean Landolt, currently serving since 2001, in the United States Air Force. (Sean, you have grown into such an intelligent, strong man, and I’m so proud of you! Thank You, Sean,  for Your Service, and may the Angels continue to keep you safe.)

Who do you dedicate this day to? Say something about them here if you like.

Finally, to all men and women who are serving or have ever served, any branch of the armed forces Thank You for Your Service.

In the Love and Light of the Angels,



2 thoughts on “A Memorial Day Remembrance

  1. May none have made a sacrifice in vain as our democratic prciples and way of life are threatened by within and without. God bless all who risk their lives and well being so we may live free.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Mame. And yes, bless all who risk, so we may live free. 🇺🇸


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