Hello Angel Friends,

Contrary to popular believe, Clairvoyance is not only about seeing apparitions. Clairvoyance, or “Clear Seeing” comes to us in different ways and one of those ways is through our dreams. The angels often send us messages through dreams, and like many angelic messages, they sometimes need clarification in order to be interpreted.

If you have a dream that makes no apparent sense to you, ask the angels for clarification. You will either receive that clarification through another method, for example through Clairaudence by “hearing” the words to a song that relates to your dream, or you may have another dream that night that sheds light on the intended message.

For those who don’t remember their dreams, we usually remember our dreams upon first waking and many times the dream then fades. If this happens to you, put a pen and paper on your nightstand and as soon as you wake up from your dream, even if it’s 3 am in the morning and before falling back off to sleep, write down what you recall. It’s also fun to keep a dream book where you log your dreams on a regular basis. If you’re going to do this, leave space under the actual dream recollection for the interpretation of the dream. The interpretation may not happen for a day or two – giving time for clarifying messages to be received.

Follow your dreams, as you never know where they might lead. But above all, have fun with the process!

In Love and Light,





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