Finding Coins


Hello Angel Friends,

Angels let us know they are around us by giving us signs. One sign is finding coins on the ground – it doesn’t matter if the coin is facing heads or tails.

Remember that childhood phrase “find a coin, pick it up, and the rest of the day you’ll have good luck?” Why do you think the finder of that coin had good luck?

When I find a coin I always pick it up and as I do I say hello to the angels (out loud or silently doesn’t matter). Acknowledging that the angels have gotten our attention is all they want to do.  Also, by acknowledging their presence we are giving our “ok” for the angels to be with us that day (remember, our free will intent is important to the angels).

When I get home, I then place my coin into a very special angel box. This box keeps all my found coins. Whenever I need a little extra “angel boost” I open my box and look at the coins acknowledging the angels in my life and expressing gratitude – and I always feel better.

If you have a trinket box, why not dedicate it to the angels by placing all your found “angel coins” in it? This way, you’ll always know the angels are near.

In Love and Light,


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