Healing with Raphael


Hello Angel Friends,

The healing process is a very personal, individualized process. The need for healing can be in the form of physical need, emotional, spiritual, or some combination of the three. If you are in need, and regardless of where you are in your process, Archangel Raphael can help.

Raphael is ruler of the sun and his most powerful healing stone in the quartz crystal. Have you ever looked into a quartz crystal in the sunlight and seen a rainbow of color? This is Raphael’s rainbow, and ruler of these colors combined.

Each color has a healing vibration so that working with one or more stones of these colors will help in the healing process. But working with a quartz crystal will aid in all areas of needed healing. We sometimes don’t realize that one aspect of our troubles is the result of another aspect being in need. For example, someone with anxiety which is creating a physical sensation of tightness in the gut area, may actually need to heal the emotions leading to these physical symptoms of anxiety.

When you have a discomfort in one area, give some consideration to the underlying cause. Where is the imbalance – is it related to the physical body, the emotional body, or spiritual body?  Ask Raphael for help in identifying it. Then ask for help in taking proper action for correcting the cause.  But know that whether you uncover the underlying reason or not, Raphael will always guide your healing in the direction you need. So don’t worry if you can’t “figure it out,” just call on Raphael, and he’ll be there.

In Love and Light,







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