Angels Watch Over You in All Ways


Dear Angel Friends,

Angels are always watching over you. They are our guides, our protectors, our confidants, and friends. The angels can be called upon for any purpose needed. If you know the angel who has most influence over your concern or problem, you can call to them by name – for example, yesterday’s post was about Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. But if you didn’t know his name and you needed help healing something in your life, you could just call to “the angel of healing.” The most likely angels to come to your aid would be Raphael of course, but also your guardian angels who are your managers, or gatekeepers sort to speak. So it doesn’t matter if you call to a specific angel or not, they all know their job and will undoubtedly, get right to it.

Now we often think of calling to the angels when we are in need of comfort, protection, or healing.  But here are some  examples where the angels can also step in and help if  you think to call to them when you are in need of:

  • making a decision
  • understanding with clarity
  • clearly communicating to someone or to a group
  • being inspired
  • learning something new
  • encouragement
  • succeeding
  • peace and tranquility
  • overcoming challenges
  • laughing
  • expressing gratitude
  • an adventure or new beginnings
  • positive take on a situation
  • love
  • finding a lost object

These are just some examples – and how you would call upon the angels if you didn’t know which angel specifically to call would simply be something like this: “I call upon the angels to help me make a decision” (then state the decision). Or, “I call upon the angel of encouragement to help me through my task of…” (then state the task). Or “I call upon the angel of love to bring into my life the perfect love relationship” (and you can be specific such as “please bring me a person who is kind, a person who respects me, a person that makes me laugh” etc., etc.).

Call to the angels whenever you need them and know that they are here to help you in ALL WAYS of your life.

In Love and Light,





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