Sky Angels


Hello Angel Friends,

When you were a child did you ever spend time gazing at the clouds and imagining that the passing formations looked like different animals, funny faces, birds, people or odd looking objects? As children we had time to play and use our imagination in these ways -but as we grew into adults, our playtime lessoned and pastimes such as cloud gazing became a thing of the past – certainly not a line item on our overly taxed to-do list. What a shame!

I’ve been looking up at the sky lately and the clouds have been amazing. I regretfully have not taken any photos – but when I came across this image of an angel in the sky, I knew it was meant to be a message to those reading this post today. The angels give us signs in the way we are best able to receive them so never discount something that seems coincidental even if it’s an angel in the sky – even if it’s a formation of a person, place, or thing – you may just find that the image represents the perfect meaning to the question you’ve been asking the angels.

So the message today is to allow some of that inner child to come out and play. Gaze up at those clouds – be playful about it – what do you see in the sky? The angels would like you to take time for yourself and bring back your childlike imagination. As you do, you may just find the answers to the questions you’ve been seeking angelic guidance for. It’s my hope that you do.

In Love and Light,





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