Angel Play


Dear Angel Friends,

The angels are wishing you a happy Wednesday, one filled with laughter and joy. They’re asking you to start your day by taking a few moments to Dance like nobody’s watching (maybe while you’re getting ready for work) – and Sing out loud like nobody’s listening – (maybe while in the shower, or driving to work) – and find something to Laugh about – (maybe a funny story or joke that you recall) – be playful from the start of your day and watch how that “good mood” carries over throughout your day.

Let the energetic vibration of these acts fill and expand your heart with love and joy and feel this emanate outward from your soul. By the end of the day you may notice that everything you did today felt a little lighter, and every person you met today was a little friendlier.

Happy Wednesday to you today, and wishing you a happy day everyday!

In Love and Light,




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