Angel, Angel, Angel…

240_F_191989695_3c1I2vflswIuXP3q4ojb3a5gRuBVhrDaHello Angel Friends,

Did you know that calling to the angels, or to a specific angel, three times maximizes the strength of your connection? The number three represents creation – and is the initial “activation” for manifesting something into your reality. So, by calling to the angels – “angels, angels, angels, please be with me now…” you are activating the initial connection – into a state of completion (from asking the angels to be with you – to the right angels for your particular problem or concern being by your side to provide guidance and assistance.)

Once you have activated the presence of the angels, whether you are aware of their presence or not, the process continues and you will begin to receive guidance from the angels who will bring you messages through the ways you are most likely to understand, and all in accordance with your highest good. The problem often is that sometimes, we’re so upset over the situation at hand, that we are unable to “receive” angelic guidance. We are blocking the messages through our fear, overwhelmed emotional state, or other factors contributing to these blockages.  In this case, know that once the angels are on the “job” for a particular situation, they will not abandon you. The angels will consistently, yet gently, provide signs and messages until something clicks – one little thing that makes sense – one part of a little sign that resonates and causes you to pause – to regroup – to get control – to put in perspective – to allow, even if only a tiny opening, for healing to begin – the angels will find a way –  the angels will never leave your side – never give up on you – they will be persistent, in a loving way – that’s what angels do.

So when you have a problem or concern, whether calling generically or to a specific angel, call three times to ensure the strongest connection. You’ll be glad you did.

In Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light,




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