Relaxation Spot


Hello Angel Friends,

People often speak of finding the most perfect vacation spot – but I wonder how many of those people find their perfect vacation spot to actually be relaxing? While vacations are great to take, if it’s relaxation you’re looking for, make sure your plans include time and space for just that. Now of course not everyone is looking for peace and tranquility on their “time away from reality,” and that’s ok too. But if you’re in need of a respite, the angels want you to consciously choose according to your needs.

My relaxation spot is the beach. It doesn’t have to be far away – an hour’s drive or a 10 hour flight doesn’t matter. What I love is sitting by the water listening to the sounds of the waves, breathing in the fresh sea air, and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. It all puts me into a meditative state – the beach, my relaxation spot, my place of tranquility, oh it never fails!

Where is your relaxation spot? What makes you feel peaceful inside? Please feel free to  share.

In Love and Light,




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