The Great Communicator

June_18Hello Angel Friends,

Today we’ll talk about Archangel Gabriel. He is ruler of Mondays and Guardian Angel to all those born on a Monday. Archangel Gabriel is a great communicator and helps in all ways where communication is needed. For example, if you are on a job interview, ask Gabriel to help you answer the questions you are asked in a clear and concise fashion. You can also ask him for help in knowing the best questions for you to ask the interviewer so that you are clear about the position and there are no misconceptions. If you are applying to college and your application requires you write an essay about the reasons you would like to attend the school – ask Gabriel for help outlining your thoughts and for assistance in writing a compelling essay. If you are presenting in front of a crowd or need to speak at a meeting, ask Gabriel for help.  He is there for you anytime you need to clearly communicate something.

Archangel also helps us with our mental, emotional and/or spiritual growth when it has been stunted by trauma, especially childhood trauma. Very often children who experience trauma don’t have the words or ability to comprehend the situation at hand and may, at the time of trauma, internalize that “it’s my fault” without understanding that it’s not their fault, or may completely block the situation from their conscious mind only for it to appear later in life in some form or another (for example, unexplained fear, unable to make decisions, having low self-esteem, being an underachiever, or overachiever, etc.). The good news is, Archangel Gabriel can help. Gabriel helps you to understand who you are at the present moment and what your path trajectory is. He comforts you with his love and light while guiding you through your intuitive thought, to help you see the growth experienced through such trauma. Those who have experienced childhood trauma are actually very strong people and Gabriel is here to help you see that. So call upon him if your mental, emotional and/or spiritual growth has been compromised by trauma, and Gabriel will help you see the truth through your experiences and help you to see the beautiful soul you truly are.

Archangel Gabriel assists in all ways that help promote the manifestation of your hopes and dreams – be it a new job, getting into the school of your dreams, finding the ideal place to live, the perfect love relationship, or connecting with your angels – if it’s a hope or dreams of yours, Gabriel will be there for you – all you need to do is ask. A good practice is to work with Gabriel around the full and new moons. At a full moon ask Gabriel to help you release all that no longer serves your highest good and is blocking the way of you realizing your hopes and dreams. This is a process of letting go. Think of it this way – the full moon is so full that you need to release that which is no longer relevant to your life (maybe old scripts, habits or patterns). Then at the new moon, ask Gabriel to bring in all that you wish to add to your life – these are your hopes and dreams. Think of the new moon as being ready to be filled with all the new hopes and dreams you wish to be added to your life. If you don’t have a clear picture of what that looks like, ask Gabriel to fill the new moon with clarity. Then, on the next new moon, you’ll know what to bring in.  I love working with Gabriel and the moon – I hope you will too just have fun with it!

In Love and Light,





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