Stream of ColorHello Angel Friends,

Today’s message is about creativity. The angels tell us that creativity comes from deep within the heart of our soul. It’s the expression of who we really are as beings of light. Every being holds their own creative light vibration. This vibration emanates through individuals in different ways. For example, some people are creative artistically through painting, drawing, sculpture, while others experience their creativeness through writing, dance, singing, or playing a musical instrument. If we partake in one of these activities, it is typically considered that we are a creative person.

However, what about the person who teaches or mentors others, provides entertainment through storytelling, is a builder of houses or tall buildings,  a groomer of animals small and large, or those who develop new technologies for our advancement, or the employer who institutes a new incentive for increasing employee productivity, the nurse, the gardener, sewer, caregiver to young and old.  The list can go on and on  because Creativity is not limited to the arts alone.

The angels want you to think about what you contribute to the world through your creative personal expression?  If you have trouble starting this process, ask the angels for help – then quiet your mind and see what comes up.

In Love and Light,


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