Angels in the Sky

double rainbow in the blue cloudy dramatic sky over green field of wheat illuminated by the sun in the country sideHello Angel Friends,

Rainbows! And a double rainbow at that! Yes, rainbows are another way the angels try to get our attention. Symbolically, rainbows represent good luck – like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But more than luck, the angels are sending you signs that balance is needed in your life and that they are sending healing through the colors of the rainbow. Each of the seven colors of the rainbow represent different areas of healing. The trick is to identify if you are out of balance in any one or more area, and then ask the angels for help to return you into a state of balance in that area. The best angel to ask for help for healing is Archangel Raphael – and if you like using healing stones, use Raphael’s stone, a clear quartz crystal!

Here is a list of the colors of the rainbow and the particular area they pertain to. Determine if in any area, you are lacking or over compensating –  and then ask Raphael to help you regain balance.

  • Red: your foundation (home, job, finances, etc.)
  • Orange: your creativity
  • Yellow: your personal power (self-esteem, self-worth, etc.)
  • Green: your heart in relation to love (giving and/or taking)
  • Blue: your ability to effectively communicate
  • Indigo: your inner sight (your dreams or visions)
  • Violet: your spirituality (your connection to the Divine)

If you happen to see a rainbow, thank the angels for brining their love to your attention. In the meantime, good luck bringing balance back into your life – this is where peace and tranquility is found.

In Love and Light,




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