Helium Balloons

June_25Hello Angel Friends,

Like helium balloons, once released, thoughts rise up into the atmosphere – your thoughts go into your energy field and become part of your field of influence. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “be careful of what you wish for.” It goes along well with the saying “the grass always looks greener on the other side.” So, for example, we hate our job so we wish to have a different job, but when we get that other job, we find we’re not as happy as we thought – and in hindsight, our other job was better. Be careful what you wish for and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

Once you release your thought, whether it’s what you want or what you don’t want, it starts on it’s path of manifesting into your reality. Be mindful of your thoughts because not all thoughts we think are things we want to create for ourselves. If you happen to have a negative thought or think something you don’t want to create in your life, say these words firmly out loud: CANCEL, CANCEL. By saying cancel, cancel, you cut the energy stream attached to the thought and it releases from your field.

I have used this for years and it really works. So try it the next time you think a negative thought…say CANCEL, CANCEL and then forget about the thought – in other words, don’t think it again – if you do, repeat the cancel, cancel.

In Love and Light,


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