Nature Angels



Hello Angel Friends,

The nature angels oversee all things pertaining to nature and relate to one or more of the 4 elements, earth, air, fire, and water.  The nature angels can help you as you sow and nurture the seeds of your life-garden. In addition to helping you prepare the soil, plant the right seeds, water and feed your garden, the angels can also help you “weed out” those things that are stunting your growth. By pulling those weeds, we “let go of” those roots that often strangle our seedlings. Working with the nature angels, you will be able to put into place a plan for bringing into your life the harvest you desire.

Some of the Nature Angels you will recognize by name and include: Archangel Ariel, who oversees all that is related to the element of earth. That would include preparing the soil, sowing the seeds of your desire and anything having to do with the foundation of your growth. Ariel also governs the air element which relates to the movement and expansion of growth.  Archangel Uriel oversees the fire element and the light and warmth of the sun that helps your garden grow. Uriel also helps burn away any blocks preventing growth. Nature Angel, Phuel, angel governing the water element not only helps transport nutrients from the soil and roots to your plants, but also helps eliminate those more emotional blocks through releasing tears.

The angels would love to help you work through your garden of life. You may begin with these angels but if you would like to be introduced to other nature angels, or more information on how to plant your garden of life, please refer to my book, Discovering Angels which can be purchased at or Happy gardening!

In Love and Light,




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