A Return to Angel Notes

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Dear Angel Friends,

The last time I wrote that I was taking a break from writing was when my 13 year old grandson was visiting from Hong Kong. It was an amazing 6 weeks that had me and my fiancé, Kerry, on the go all the time. We had a lot of fun for sure!

I had planned to get back to writing when Kurt returned home, however, life’s road to a wicked turn and Kerry was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.  Taking care of him has taken all of my time, energy and love and the path is far from over.  But, I’m happy to say that everything seems to be going in the right direction and the angels are guiding me once again to write.  So while I may not be able to do a daily post – I will try to write at least a couple of times a week.  So please look for my posts and feel free to comment. And above all, know the angels are always with you.

Thank you for your patience and support.

In Love and Light,







4 thoughts on “A Return to Angel Notes

  1. Dear Pam,

    You have been on my mind so much, especially in recent days. I was glad to see your post but so sorry to hear that your love Kerry is ailing. He is in very capable hands so I know the odds are stacked in his favor. I will keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad you will be returning to Angel Notes although I wasn’t ‘t able to keep up on a daily basis, so less frequent works for me!!! I also have your book, which I trust is going well.

    Life here in the West has been growing better and I am settling in, although I still miss my Hudson Valley friends. We might be coming East in November. If so, I will hope to connect with you then. Until then I send hugs and kisses. Love, Mame

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    1. Hi Mame,
      Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. It really has been a difficult time but I understand how the Universe works so some of this all does makes sense. Please do contact me if you’re here in November…I’d love to see you!!! I’m glad you’re settling in out West and want to hear all about it. The phone isn’t as good as in person, but we may need to talk before November! 😁
      Much Angel Love and Light,


  2. Sending you prayers for health and healing. I look forward to your inspirational messages.


    1. Thank you for your prayers, Renna.


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